New Listing: XMX lists on the Boboo Exchange
The Boboo Exchange is now an official exchange partner of the XMAX and the XMAX Foundation. Boboo is a fast-growing crypto exchange that enabled XMX deposits on July 7, 2020. The XMX/USDT trading pair was launched on July 8, and XMX withdrawals opened on July 9.
Major Asset Restructuring for XMAX Foundation
The XMAX Foundation plans to carry out a major asset reorganization. The final structure has yet to be released and has currently entered a substantive approval process.
XMAX Launches "Choose Your CEO" Event
The XMAX Foundation is working with Coin World (bishijie.com) to host the "XMAX Choose Your CEO" event.
XMAX Event Announcement
Members who created supernodes for last year's community mining event and have yet to receive XMX rewards from the event will now be issued the rewards starting on June 30, 2020.
Announcement: XMAX Team Tokens Unlock
As of June 8, the 6 billion XMAX tokens reserved for the team and operations have finished unlocking.
Announcement Regarding Bonus for 2019’s Supernode Event
The XMAX Foundation has decided to release a bonus distribution plan to the supernode event participants on June 29, the remaining bonuses will then be sent to supernode members after June 30, 2020.
XMAX Reminder: Check our Website for Official Partnerships
Official XMAX services and partnerships are always announced on our official channels.
XMAX Project Mining Temporary Suspension and Repurchase Plan Announcement
Due to the overall macro-economic condition of the markets being slightly depressed, and the upcoming Bitcoin halving as well as a fall in the market price of bitcoin, in order to better serve our community and increase operating revenue, we will temporarily suspend project mining and repurchases.
The XMAX foundation will not be acquiring Autonio.Foundation
The XMAX foundation will not be acquiring Autonio.Foundation. As we believe it's in the best interest of the community to continue to operate independently.
Important Announcement: Trade only on Official XMX Exchanges
Recently our team discovered a false advertisement for an XMAX community trading event circulating in our Chinese language groups.