XMX Listed on Huobi Pool ECO - XMX/BTC & XMX/ETH Trading Pairs
We’re proud to announce a listing partnership with #Huobi Pool’s Exchange. Huobi Pool is now one of the world’s largest mining pools (https://www.huobipool.com/) and operates the Huobi Pool ECO exchange to list exceptional #mining and ecosystem projects.
MXC Exchange will List XMX and Giveaway 5 BTC of XMX
MXC will list XMX on the main board and open trading for the XMX/USDT and XMX/BTC trading pairs. Click to get more info about promotions and rewards!
BiKi.com will list XMX at 14:00 on July 23rd
The Biki Exchange will open XMX deposits and withdrawals at 14:00 GMT+8 on July 22nd and XMX/USDT and XMX/BTC trading pairs at 14:00 GMT+8 on July 23rd. XMX is “the First Hash Token” to re-decentralize the Bitcoin network to empower ordinary users by sharing its computing equipment and technology. Within the ecosystem, all users can easily access, manage and grow their digital asset. Click for more details on the listing: