The XMAX team is committed to building decentralized mining communities and supporting the future of decentralization. XMAX will continue to expand its hash power

and continuously improve the project's operations. XMAX uses XMX to enable anyone to participate in the process of Bitcoin hash re-decentralization.

New Listing: XMX lists on the Boboo Exchange
The Boboo Exchange is now an official exchange partner of the XMAX and the XMAX Foundation. Boboo is a fast-growing crypto exchange that enabled XMX deposits on July 7, 2020. The XMX/USDT trading pair was launched on July 8, and XMX withdrawals opened on July 9.
Major Asset Restructuring for XMAX Foundation
The XMAX Foundation plans to carry out a major asset reorganization. The final structure has yet to be released and has currently entered a substantive approval process.
XMAX Launches "Choose Your CEO" Event
The XMAX Foundation is working with Coin World ( to host the "XMAX Choose Your CEO" event.
  • NameAddressAmountPercentage
  • Foundation0x655337abd7de05d8555d3021e5511abb492aaac08,604,421,763.0644828.6814%
  • Team Lockup0x92c07fe460cb44e54cfe00d07e45545dead88cdd3,000,315,077.141910.0011%
  • Team Lockup0xbe46c02996de94b1fb47c99bbec5f42a73c7f9343,000,000,00010%
  • Houbi Address0x5c985e89dde482efe97ea9f1950ad149eb73829b1,878,650,258.548666.2622%
  • Houbi Address0x46705dfff24256421a05d056c29e81bdc09723b81,659,961,385.205345.5332%
  • Dfund0xb9288f2a44579822a5591dd0b8cb6a4bc8a9d6ed1,618,459,028.285.3949%
  • Houbi Address0x6748f50f686bfbca6fe8ad62b22228b87f31ff2b1,571,601,193.535935.2387%
  • Houbi Address0xadb2b42f6bd96f5c65920b9ac88619dce4166f941,505,911,520.550665.0197%
  • Houbi Address0xab5c66752a9e8167967685f1450532fb96d5d24f1,500,217,676.276235.0007%
  • Houbi Address0xfdb16996831753d5331ff813c29a93c76834a0ad1,002,763,682.969833.3425%
  • Wei Xing0x88820b2ebcb2f4e155d28281d0d25f857b001eea1,000,000,0003.3333%
Note: Foundation fund is mainly used for market operations and Hash Power Expansion.
* Date: July 16, 2019. Source: Etherscan
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