Blockchain Entertainment Developer Ecosystem


Developer Ecosystem for Entertainment DAPPS

  • XMAX is an entertainment-focused blockchain ecosystem with a “mainchain + multiple functional sidechains", and provides a powerful SDK which simplifies the development process for entertainment DAPPs. Also, XMAX offers a variety of multimedia libraries and integrates an efficient game engine that makes it easier to represent digital items on the blockchain.
  • The XMAX mainchain uses a VRF consensus mechanism and side-chains which operate on multiple consensus mechanisms to create a high concurrency, high TPS multi-chain system to allow for the creation of high-performance entertainment DAPPs.

    Next-Generation Multichain Consensus Blockchain Ecosystem

  • Time-Independent Packet Protocol for Scaling Blockchains, high-performance interchain-communication, Merkle Tree Node Concurrent Packet Mechanism, supports a high TPS multi X-Chain structure.
  • X-Packet System

  • With the XMAX SDK, you'll have the modules and templates you need to prototype DAPPs quickly. Now it's possible to program blockchain applications without learning low-level blockchain languages
  • Developer SDK

  • Community Members can work together to create Multi-Party Smart Contracts, we can place control over the development of new features and even blockchain upgrades in the hands of the community
  • DAO - Community
    Smart Contracts

  • XMAX is building a global node community. Our focus is on helping bridge the gap between developer and user communities, bringing together the world through blockchain entertainment
  • Global Community

  • DAPP
  • Development
  • Made Easy!
  • XMax takes a developer first approach by providing developers with an easy to use (Java-Script based) SDK and plenty of smart contract templates. We help experienced developers create entertainment DAPPs faster and make training new developers easier with follow-along tutorials built by a rapidly expanding dev community. It's time to create your DAPPs and XMax is ready to help!

  • JavaScript-based development language for easier DAPP creation
  • Integrated blockchain game engine supports 2D/3D/HTML5 games
  • XMAX 3D Game Engine
  • Visual programming SDK provides a variety of smart contract templates
  • XMAX Studio SDK


  • Build the base-layer infrastructure for the Galaxy Multichain Network. Create the X-Chain Blockchain Packet System.
  • Build the test Superchain network based on Ethereum.
  • 2019

  • Launch the Super Chain using VRF Consensus and Build the X-Chain with the Galaxy Multichain Network’s Independent Economies.
  • 2020

  • Use a synthesis of “community-based DAO self-governance plus traditional consensus mechanisms” to improve consensus and trust.
  • TEAM

    Alex Nikolaev

  • Founder of Forseti (an arbitration protocol for DAPPs) and co-founder of (Blockchain development firm) Blockchain Enthusiast, Passionate about mechanism design and cryptoeconomics. Winner of numerous blockchain Hackathons: Blockchain Hack 2016(Waves 1st place) Blockchain Hack 2017(Qtum 3rd place)
  • Ye Cheng

  • Senior Entertainment Industry Investor For over 10 years Ye Cheng has managed investment funds and actively participated in the development of entertainment industry enterprise projects such as Uber and Changba with many projects bringing a return on investment of over 10 times the initial capital outlay. Ye Cheng has a proven track record of successfully expanding the social and financial impact of his companies.
  • Christopher Manzano

  • Chris is a builder for the developer community and specializes in user experience design for online economies. He's worked with some of the top game companies in Asia and believes that blockchain technology should be designed with simplicity in mind. His role is to empower developers and blockchain DAPP users on the XMax ecosystem through educational outreach.