XMax Ecosystem

Developer Ecosystem for Entertainment DAPPs
XMax is a blockchain and developer ecosystem for building decentralized games and entertainment DAPPs. Our blockchain supports game developers with a high TPS mainchain and integrated sidechains for transaction-intensive DAPPs. XMax Includes:
  • Game & Entertainment DAPP SDK
  • APIs
  • Smart Contract and DAPP Templates
  • 3D Game Engine
  • Developer Docs & Education
With XMax developers can program complex DAPPs (Blockchain APPs) using WebX.js, a JavaScript type language which our team created to simplify blockchain programming. With WebX.js developers can focus more on creating great applications and less on blockchain infrastructure. Once a DAPP has been created, users will be able to easily download it from the XMX APP Store. We make this experience as simple as opening your phone.
XMax is a decentralized ecosystem which allows DAPP developers to involve users in the design process and via Asset Tokens crowdfund the development of their projects. We believe the future of blockchain technology belongs to developers and users.


In limiting the mainchain to basic transactions and system contracts, XMax maintains a high TPS structure to support operating blockchain games. Transactions relating to specific games or smart contracts run on sidechains which integrate with the mainchain via their Merkle roots.
Using scalable asset tokens you can model the complex operations required for entertainment DAPPs. By tokenizing real world objects or digital items, such as an epic mount or treasure chest, your company will allow for the independent ownership of digital items. Asset tokens can be traded among users and used to facilitate business partnerships.
XMax is an all-in-one ecosystem for entertainment developers. We provide an SDK (XMax Studio), APIs, libraries, a 3D game engine, JavaScript based smart contract templates, A DAPP store and educational resources. Our mission is to help developers build the future of blockchain applications.

Developer Tools

JavaScript Based Developer Tools for Entertainment DAPPs

XMax Studio SDK

In XMax studio you'll find a variety of templates for DAPP creation including social apps and online games. With these templates and our easy to use IDE you can quickly prototype and launch your ideas without focusing on the complexities of integrating DAPPs with low-level blockchain logic.

Open Development Cycle

If you decide you would like to involve your user community while your project is being developed. We will provide a voting system within the SDK which will allow your users to participate via voting.

Smart Contract Templates

Even experienced blockchain developers can make mistakes while programming smart contracts. Our dev team has worked hard to create WebX.js (a JavaScript based language) so you can use our smart contract templates to easily program the logic for your decentralized applications.

3D Game Engine

Custom blockchain game engine which supports 2D/3D/HTML5 development. This engine simplifies the process of integrating blockchain logic into an online game.

Modules and APIs

We provide a user account system, a wallet which supports ERC721 type asset tokens and a growing collection of integrations you can use to create your own DAPPs.

Flexible Node Architecture

Choose your own consensus mechanism for sidechain functions. Support service nodes on Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Virtual Machines

We support LLVM, EVM, WASM and other virtual machines to run smart contract logic on the XMax blockchain.

Educational Resources

Learn to program blockchain APPs with our easy to follow educational courses and videos.
We create developer-friendly documentation for each XMax tool and believe education and community are the foundations of a great ecosystem.


Ye Cheng


Senior Entertainment Industry Investor
For over 10 years Ye Cheng has managed investment funds and actively participated in the development of entertainment industry enterprise projects such as Uber and Changba with many projects bringing a return on investment of over 10 times the initial capital outlay. Ye Cheng has a proven track record of successfully expanding the social and financial impact of his companies.

Alex Nikolaev

Founder of Forseti (an arbitration protocol for DAPPs) and co-founder of Hashlab.org (Blockchain development firm) Blockchain Enthusiast, Passionate about mechanism design and cryptoeconomics. Winner of numerous blockchain Hackathons: Blockchain Hack 2016(Waves 1st place) Blockchain Hack 2017(Qtum 3rd place)

Christopher Manzano
Community Lead

Chris is a product manager for the developer community and specializes in user experience design for online economies. He's worked with some of the top game companies in Asia and believes that blockchain technology should be designed with simplicity in mind. His role is to empower developers and blockchain DAPP users on the XMax ecosystem through educational outreach.

Advisors and Enterprise Partners

Institutional Investors